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    Why Acknowledge

    As we engage in processes of reconciliation it is critical that land acknowledgements don't become a token gesture. They are not meant to be static, scripted statements that every person must recite in exactly the same way. They are expressions of relationship, acknowledging not just the territory someone is on, but that person’s connection to that land based on knowledge that has been shared with them.

    Indigenous + Canadian Histories 101

    In the future, we hope to again feature this resource by the late Sarah Robinson, which explores Canadian history from an Indigenous perspective and provides an introduction to terminology, impacts of the Indian Act legislation, a brief overview of Residential Schools and key moments in Indigenous and Canadian shared histories. In collaboration with Sarah's family and the Sarah Robinson Foundation, we featured the video here for educational purposes through October 27th. If you can afford it, we ask that you consider a $25 donation to the Sarah Robinson Foundation in support of the issues Sarah cared about.

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    Build your own land acknowledgement

    From education plans for students to a workshop series for professionals and workplaces. Learn or educate about the land you are on.

    Land Acknowledgements

    Land acknowledgments and stories from communities across Canada.